R1: Ranch One

R1: Ranch One

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Payson, Arizona


Tasked with transforming an 80 acre plot of land in Northern Arizona, Clay set out to create a design program that was unique to the area and that embraced the landscape, materials and color scapes of Payson, AZ. The program was approached as a multi-phased project that would grow and develop over time and that could transform from a private, family vacation home to a commercial retreat as the need arose. A large, main home would be positioned on the property with smaller cabins, cottages and glamping modules radiating from it; each dwelling would cater to a specific visitor to the site from those looking for a more remote experience, to those looking to spend time with other visitor around a community green space, pond, or fire pit to large groups looking for a place to spend time together. A large entry sequence was proposed to set the tone for the entire property, and dwellings and other structures would be positioned to afford the best views of the landscape , while materials were suggested that would draw from and enhance the natural colors and textures of the area.

Project Details
  • Categories:Commercial, Residential
  • Skills:Architecture, Design, Master Programming, Programming, Spatial Planning