Towards Time (130811 11:52)

Towards Time (130811 11:52)

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Margaret T. Hance Park, Phoenix Office of Arts and Culture, Phoenix, AZ


Funded by the National Endowment for the Arts
Our Town Grant

​Diurnal cycles of sunlight syncopate to the unique rhythm of each citizen. The day is driven by the omnipresent intensity of the sun: life forms protect their pulsing bodies under air-conditioned shadows inside opaque buildings. To the onlooker, the city is quiet. Just as the sun allows us to witness life, it also obscures.

Using sunlight, the installation illuminates the constellations of the desert sky onto an ephemeral fabric. As the material moves in the wind—which at times is gentle and other times strong—the viewer sees the celestial arrangement that is invisible during the day due to the dominance of sunlight. Suspended above the viewer, the celestial bodies are cast as remainders of the sun.

The best time to view the celestial map is at the brightest time of the day.

Photos by Bill Timmerman

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